In over four decades of practice, Mr. Poller has emphasized a fair, disciplined, and cost effective approach to solving the legal problems and accomplishing the legal ends presented by each client’s unique situation.

In the area of litigation, he has a broad based background in all types of civil disputes, from the simple to the complex; and has handled a variety of primarily business related matters through trials and appeals in both state and federal courts.

Mr. Poller has considerable experience in the issues presented by Banking and credit union operations, consumer law, creditors’ rights, commercial foreclosures, real estate, corporate work-outs and reorganizations, and the documentation of all types of business, corporate, consumer and real estate transactions. He displays precision and patience borne of years of representing clients across abroad sectors of society, and having served for years as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Mediator.

Mr. Poller recognizes that navigating the legal system may at times be perplexing and frustrating . Therefore, he employs a direct, precise approach toward the resolution of legal issues and the documentation of transactions, presenting these issues to his clients in a simple, understandable and cost effective way.

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